The Nightfox 100V.

3x magnification, 100m range, best-seller.

Offering superb performance and suitable for a variety of applications, the 100V is one of Amazon's best-selling night vision devices globally. 

Just £99.99 inc. VAT

The Nightfox 110R.

7x magnification, 150m range, records footage.

Ideal for long-range viewing thanks to a high magnification, the 110R strikes a great balance between performance and price. 

Just £129.99 inc. VAT. 

The Nightfox Swift.

1x magnification, 70m range, head-mountable.

New for July 2020, the Swift is a head-mountable unit, building on the success of the Nightfox 119V. Rechargeable via USB, head mount included. 

Just £159.99 inc. VAT. 

Nightfox XB5 IR Torch.

Boost the viewing range of your Nightfox device by up to 2x, with the XB5's powerful 5W infrared LED. Best attached to your device with a Nightfox tripod mount (sold separately).

Also available in 940nm Covert Edition.

From just £39.99 inc. VAT.

Nightfox XB10 IR Torch.

The XB5's older sibling, the XB10, features a large 67mm aspherical lens. This makes the infrared beam emitted very powerful - with a much higher range than other torches in its class.

Most infrared LED diodes glow red when turned on - the 940nm Covert XB10 emits nearly no red light, making the user very difficult to detect.

From just £54.99 inc. VAT.

Nightfox Adjustable Tripod Mount.

Use this mount to attach an infrared flashlight to your camera or night vision device. Requires only a standard tripod thread (found on the bottom of our 100V and 110R models). Easy to install and fully adjustable for angle.

Just £12.99 inc. VAT