Recycling your Nightfox

WEEE Recycling 

Nightfox is committed to reducing waste by continuously improving the packaging design and the quality of our products. We aim to achieve no plastic packaging in any of our products by the end of 2022, with all packaging switching to recyclable cardboard. 

Please find further recycling notices below for the United Kingdom and France. 

United Kingdom

Please do not dispose of your Nightfox product with your general waste. We’ll recycle your unit for you, free of charge. Contact us for a free Collect+ label, or return your product to:

Laserware Ltd

Reflections House 

26 Oakfield Road

Bristol, BS8 2AT


triman logoPour en savoir plus:

The following Nightfox products are supplied in cardboard packaging suitable for recycling:

  • Nightfox 100V
  • Nightfox 110R
  • Nightfox Swift
  • Nightfox Red 
  • Nightfox Vulpes
  • Nightfox Cape
  • Nightfox XB5
  • Nightfox XB10
  • Nightfox XC5 
  • Nightfox torch mount

    We continue to remove all plastic pouches from our products, which currently cannot be recycled. Plastic pouches may be present to protect included USB cables and lens caps.