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Help with the Nightfox Prowl Night vision goggles

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It is possible to update the Prowl's firmware in order to fix some software bugs that have been encountered on early production versions of the Prowl.

Our recommended stable firmware version is 1.24, You can find your current firmware version by going to the device Settings and choosing 'Version'.

Do not use this firmware on any other device, such as a Swift 2, you will cause irreparable damage by doing so.
Download firmware version 1.24
We are also offering a newer software version to advanced users that would like to test new features. Version 1.25 offers reduced lag in low light conditions. You can download it here, please let us know what you think of it.

This video shows instructions for carrying out the update.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Prowl has 2 focus controls, a diopter and a wheel at the front of the device. Use the focus wheel at the front to bring the screen into focus and use the diopter to help your eye see it as clearly as possible. You may also wish to use the diopter so that objects appear the same size with both eyes.

You can resolve this issue by using the reset button on the device. You will need to use a pen, or sim replacement tool to press the reset button. It is located next to the USB port.

It may take up to 4 hours of charging before the Prowl is able to turn on if its battery level has fallen very low. If that doesn't work there is likely to be an issue with the device.

We recommend leaving the frame rate on the default setting of 30FPS, any other setting may cause device issues on some batches of Nightfox Prowl.

It is possible to update the Prowl's firmware in order to solve firmware bugs in the first batches of our production. The instructions for this process are in the video in the section above.