Nightfox is a Laserware brand. We were frustrated that the only products on the night vision market were shoddily manufactured or highly overpriced, so we set out to create a range of quality, affordable, digital night vision devices. We want to make reliable models that won’t break, or break the bank. Now our products are best-selling and frequently award-winning on Amazon.

Trust Nightfox

Here at Nightfox we pride ourselves on having online prices, but an in-store attitude to customer service. You can rely on the Nightfox 18 Month Warranty as standard, and we’re available by phone or email to provide product support and help with any queries. Click here to get in touch with us!

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With Nightfox Night Vision Technology, you’re guaranteed many rewarding night-time adventures. To get the most out of your Nightfox, check out our how-to videos and product features on our Youtube Channel.