Our range of Nightfox products are great for airsofters looking for cost-effective night vision solutions. All devices in our Airsoft range are compatible with GoPro-style mounts, meaning you can mount them to a tactical helmet using third party accessories. Crucially, all of the units in our Airsoft range have 1x optical magnification: Crucial if you wish to use your Nightfox while on the move.

To have a look at vlogger reviews of our products, including tutorials on mounting Nightfox devices to tactical helmets, head over to The Den for links to the latest videos.


Nightfox devices use digital night vision technology. A Nightfox comprises of three critical components: A specialised digital camera sensor, an infrared LED and a digital viewing display, all integrated into a handheld unit.

The LED at the front of the Nightfox emits infrared light that humans and animals cannot see, but the Nightfox’s camera sensor can. The image stream is then displayed on the viewing screen at the back of the device. This allows you to see rival airsoft players in pitch black, without giving away your own position.

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Nightfox Cape Night Vision Binocular

  • 1x magnification
  • Low Glow 940nm IR LEDs
  • Mount to a tactical helmet