Nightfox helmet mount adaptor - dovetail only


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Direct from Nightfox UK:


The Nightfox helmet mount adaptor connects Nightfox NVGs directly to dovetail style helmet mounts, without the need for any GoPro-style connectors.

We developed, designed and 3D printed this adaptor in response to feedback from the Nightfox community. We are selling a limited number at cost price to get your feedback on the design. The adaptor will only work with dovetail style mounts, not bayonet style mounts, this video highlights the different types of mount.

We recommend the adaptor for use with the Cape, Swift, Red and 110R night vision goggles only. This product can be shipped Internationally for free, unfortunately only to the USA, UK, Australia, NZ and Canada (apologies to customers in other regions, shipping has become very challenging). It is currently not available on Amazon. In our initial testing we have found that the adaptors can stick in the dovetail sockets. Forcefully pressing the release button can resolve this issue.



  • One piece SLS Nylon construction
  • Lightweight
  • Dovetail style only
  • Requires existing compatible helmet mount and helmet

what's included

Just a single adaptor, no mount

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Expert Reviews

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Throughout history, humans have shied away from darkness. Unlike the many species who only emerge once the sun has set, people have extended the comfort of daylight, by gathering around a campfire or retreating to indoor safety. Night vision technology allows humans a glimpse into the night-time happenings to which we are otherwise oblivious. Our digital devices use infrared light to give you clear vision, even on the darkest of nights.