Nightfox Adjustable Torch Mount

A 4 star rating for night vision

3.9 Stars on (From 22 reviews)

  • Connect an IR torch to your device
  • Mounts to your tripod thread or GoPro rail
  • Adjustable for tilt and angle

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  • Allows you to attach a torch to a tripod thread on the bottom of a camera or night vision device
  • Also allows you to attach a torch to three-tongued connection found on the top of the Nightfox 110R, Nightfox Swift, Nightfox Cape and other night vision devices
  • By attaching an infrared torch to your night vision device, you can boost the viewing range of your device
  • A ball-and-socket joint in the mount means you can precisely align your torch’s beam with your camera or night vision device’s field of vision
  • Fits torches around 25mm / 1 inch in diameter, including the Nightfox XB5 and XB10 models


  • Required flashlight diameter: 1 inch / 25mm (covering the vast majority of LED flashlights)
  • Required tripod thread size: 1/4in
  • Compatible with: Any night vision device with a tripod thread on the bottom of the device, or a GoPro-style rail on the top

what's included

Nightfox adjustable torch mount kit A4 instruction sheet