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The Nightfox Newsletter | November 2020

The Nightfox Newsletter | November 2020

Nightfox Cape Night Vision Goggles

Hello Nightfoxers,

After a lot of interest and demand this year, we're incredibly excited to announce that the Nightfox Cape is ready to buy now on our website

With recording capability as well as a Go-Pro compatible mount, the Nightfox Cape is perfect for capturing your night-time adventures

It also has new features that make it brilliant for overnight airsoft events, with replaceable lens caps that protect the infrared illuminator and the camera. 

the nightfox cape

The Cape is seriously ready for action. Check out all the features we managed to cram into it:

  • COVERT: A 940nm wavelength infrared LED means reduced visible red glow from the front of the device, so you can roam unseen.
  • MOUNT TO A HELMET: A GoPro-compatible mounting bracket on the top of the Cape means you can use third party camera mounts to attach your Nightfox Cape to a tactical helmet.
  • AIRSOFT READY: Replaceable lens caps for both the IR bulb and the digital sensor are there to help protect the optics in airsoft matches.
  • CONVENIENT: One-button recording (micro SD card required, not included) and one-button screen brightness adjustment, saving you scrolling through menus in the middle of the action.


We can't wait to hear what you guys think of this. Send us your footage!


The Nightfox Team


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