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The Nightfox Newsletter | May 2020

Nightfox XB5 940nm

Hello Nightfoxers,

We heard so much great feedback on our best-selling Nightfox XB5 that we decided to make another. It's got the same exceptional build quality, but this time it's even more covert.

Most infrared LED diodes glow red when turned on. The XB5 940 uses a 940nm wavelength diode that emits nearly no red light, making the user more difficult to detect.
infographic showing the features of the nightfox xb5 940

The 5W 940nm OSRAM 4725AS LED in the XB5 940 is a groundbreaking LED module, with more power than any other 940nm module on the market.

In short, you'll be less visible AND see further.



The Nightfox Team