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The Nightfox Newsletter | June 2020

Nightfox Swift Night Vision Goggles

Hello Nightfoxers,

Last year, we brought out the Nightfox 119V, after many requests from customers for a head-mountable, 1x magnification night vision device. The model became the first truly accessible way to own your own night vision goggles.

Based on feedback from the Nightfox community, we've upgraded the 119V, and are proud to introduce the new Nightfox Swift

nightfox swift plus box and accessories


The Swift is upgraded with several new features, bringing control right to your fingertips:

  • Maintain your night vision by using the custom screen brightness setting on the widescreen viewing monitor.
  • Optimise your ideal infrared level in a touch, with up/down control buttons. 
  • For using an external IR flashlight, choose IR Level Zero to enable maximum sensitivity with the IR LEDs off. 

The Nightfox Swift was improved based off customer feedback, so we're looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it! Click 'Contact' in the header. 


The Nightfox Team