Over the last four years we’ve been lucky enough to sell Nightfox units to customers in 65 countries around the world.

From talking to those customers and reading their reviews, we’ve come to realise the huge scope of our night vision devices and the ways in which our customers are using them. While many scour their backyard for roaming coyotes, others are developing photographic film in a dark room, watching hedgehogs in the undergrowth or battling it out on the airsoft field. 

Our aim is to provide the very best experience to each and every customer who turns to Nightfox to help them see in the dark. In light of that mission, let’s take a look at our current range of night vision units and who might enjoy using them. You can also try out the comparison table page to see the same information in table form.



For starters, the Nightfox 100V is our best-selling classic device. Super simple with only 3 operating buttons, it’s great for complete beginners, those looking for a straightforward viewing experience or anyone looking for an entry-level night vision device.

We’ve also heard from plenty of customers who found this to be a fantastic gift for nature-loving relatives. Just hold down the power button, put the viewer to your eyes and you’re off! Like all our devices, the 100V has an adjustable focus and a variety of infrared power levels, allowing you to achieve the perfect picture brightness without wasting the battery.



If you’re looking for more functionality, the Nightfox 110R offers the option to record your nighttime findings, and save them to an SD card - fantastic for those who wish to share photographs and videos of their nocturnal adventures.

It has a higher range than the 100V, allowing you to see up to 150m in pitch black conditions. This is also helped by the 7x fixed magnification, which means the unit is much more zoomed in than our 100V.

Watching the darkness with a 110R night vision binocular


After it's 2020 launch the Nightfox Swift is already making waves. Unlike most competitor models, it combines the capacity for head-mounted viewing with the crucial element of only 1x magnification. 

With an included head mount, it’s perfect night vision for anyone wishing to roam the night hands-free, with the Swift they are finally able to do so without being subjected to the dizzying motion sickness that moving with magnification can cause! Lightweight and rechargeable, the Nightfox Swift is truly a market leader for those who want to experience night vision on the go, without breaking the bank.



We love to hear from our customers at Nightfox. Our customers asked us for a stealthy helmet-mountable set of night vision goggles without any optical zoom, and the Nightfox Cape was created. 

It’s perfect night vision for airsoft because the 940nm LED is less likely to give away your position, because it can be helmet-mounted and because the lack of magnification makes it easy to explore the dark.

Night vision goggles you can helmet mount


Only launched in August 2021, the Cub is revolutionising the night vision monocular market. A small form factor means that the Cub can slip in a pocket, and with a rechargable and removable 18650 lithium battery the Cub can keep going for every night of a camping trip

The best night vision monocular on the market. The Nightfox cub.


The Corsac is the next evolution of night vision binoculars. It's easier to use than ever, with an included SD card, you can see clearer, with a high definition screen and sensor, as well as enhanced range and a more comfortable and "stealthy" eyepiece.

Nightfox corsac on a black background. The next evolution of night vision binoculars


All of our units are developed with our customers in mind, be they avid hunters, wildlife watchers or airsoft pros. We do our best to listen to customer reviews and use this information to work on our next generation of night vision units.

It’s also worth mentioning that the range and performance of all our night vision devices can be improved by pairing them with an infrared torch from our extensive range.

We currently have several exciting developments in the pipeline, if you subscribe to our email alerts you'll be first to hear about them. If you can’t wait until then get in touch and let us know your thoughts on what we should produce next!



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