Dear Nightfoxers,

Today’s the launch of the Nightfox Corsac! We’re so excited for you to try them - these are the best night vision binoculars we have ever produced, offering incredible value to our community. Here’s why…



  • Full High Definition for a clearer picture. The screen and CMOS sensor are both 1080p, so you can expect a clearer view, as well as high resolution photos & videos. The upgraded sensor also gives it a longer range than other units - a huge 180m (196yd)!
  • Wrap around for a perfect fit. The innovative Corsac eyepiece fits to your face, to maximise comfort and to help you avoid the screen lighting up your face. We also worked hard on a new design for the battery compartment, which slots easily into place.
  • Record HD video footage, straight onto the included 32GB memory card. Check it out later on the viewing screen or on your PC or Mac, and share with friends and family.



You’d better grab your Corsac quickly though, initial stock will be extremely limited to 50 units due to a disaster with a Nightfox shipping container

The Corsac won’t be available on for a few months so we are offering customers in the USA free website delivery with the code “CorsacSept21”.



The Nightfox Team

8th September 2021



P.S. The first Youtube reviews should be appearing soon, but the most important reviewer is you! We can’t wait to hear what you think of the Corsac. 



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