For Nightfox Reds ordered before August 2022


Dear Nightfox Red Owner, 

Please follow the instructions below to update your Nightfox Red's firmware to V2. We hope the instructions are easy to follow and it should take under ten minutes. Please do let us know if you have any difficulties - we're here to help!


1. Download and extract the .BIN firmware file

First, download the firmware file “Rom_Code_NVH60X_V03.2.1_20220616.BIN” by clicking here. The downloaded folder is compressed, so you’ll need to “extract” the folder first.

File explorer when updating NVG firmware

Once extracted, you’ll be able to see the .BIN file:

How to install the firmware from a PC


2. Upload the .BIN firmware file onto your Nightfox

Now we need to copy and paste the .BIN file onto your Red. With a memory card installed, plug your Red into your Mac or PC using the USB cable.

Nightfox Red goggles close up

On your Windows computer, click on the folder icon to open up File Explorer, or find File Explorer in the Start menu. On Macs, you will need to use Finder. The Nightfox will appear as a USB drive, similar to this:

Delete everything currently on the Red's memory card (including the folder "DCIM").

Then, copy and paste the “Rom_Code_NVH60X_V03.2.1_20220616.BIN” file onto the memory card:

How to install the firmware

Once copied over, disconnect the Nightfox Red from its USB cable. 


3. Upload the firmware onto your Nightfox

Before you carry out the below instructions, ensure your unit is turned off.

While holding down the REC/MENU button, hold down the POWER button until the screen illuminates red:

Buttons to press on your night vision goggles
Firmware update screen on the NVGs

The red screen will say “Firmware upgrading… Overwrite”. Wait until it’s finished (it takes under 1min). When complete, the screen will flash and then power off.


4. Power on your Nightfox

Now power the unit back on the usual way by holding down the POWER button. Your Red should now be using the new firmware, with “IR”, “Exposure” and “Backlight” values showing at the bottom of the screen.

New firmware appearance on the NVGs


5. What's different on this firmware? 

The Nightfox Red night vision goggles no longer decide which Exposure Value is best for your current situation: You can pick how sensitive the Red is to light by adjusting the Exposure value. This gives you much better control over the quality of the picture.

To switch between adjusting IR, Exposure and Backlight, short press the POWER button. At the bottom of the display, the value being adjusted will show in red. Use the IR+ and IR- buttons to adjust the value up and down.

A high exposure value is best in dark conditions. It may allow you to use a lower level of IR, which will in turn save battery.

There are now 5 different levels for IR, Exposure and Backlight, rather than 7.

Let us know how you get on, and please do email with any feedback you have!



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